Movement-induced laughter and Fun!

Fitness with Milo Bryant

Get up and move!

In a room full of kids, Milo is the biggest, loudest, goofiest and most active one there. His passion lies in finding better means and methods of getting his younger brethren to move, to explore the communication between their brains and muscles and the interaction of those with the environment. After that, it’s all about getting them moving more often!

But Milo isn't just for kids

Milo gets children, and those of us not so childlike, moving nationally and internationally while educating them on youth health and fitness. He is an advisory board member of the Titleist Performance Institute and regularly appears on the Golf Channel’s “Golf Fitness Academy.” Milo is a co-author of “Movement: Functional Movement Systems: Screening, Assessment, Corrective Strategies” and also writes a physical fitness column. But mostly, Milo spends his time working on that doctorate degree in movement-induced laughter and fun!

Milo Bryant in Motion

Milo is the founder of the Coalition for Launching Active Youth (C.L.A.Y.), an organization he established to help the fight against sugar, boredom, video games, televisions and adults who have lost their inner child. Fundamental movement is Milo’s weapon of choice.

When you give Milo a ball, bat, racquet and some space, inactivity and obesity don’t stand a chance!

Contact Milo by emailing him or calling him on: 858-848-4957

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